3 Stages of a Christian

As a Christian, we still are in a fleshly body that has a sin nature, and far too often yields to that fleshly desire. Tonight, we will doing a study in I Corinthians 2-3 on the 3 different stages of man and where we should be.

Man is born in a natural state and cannot understand spiritual things. When a person is “born again” they receive the Holy Spirit indwelling that allows them to begin to understand God – Who He is and what He wants of us. At that point we are babes in Christ, growing in Grace, being nurtured by the Holy Spirit. The ultimate goal is that we become mature spiritual children of God that we can sense His presence in our lives and follow His leadership.

I want to invite you to join us at Wilson Ave Baptist Church tonight at 7 PM as we look more deeply into this topic. If you are unable to be with us, check out our web site, wabcaurora.com, to hear our study.