Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.

I was asked to share something on this topic some time ago and thought it was just as fitting today.

Abstinence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder.

Today, we have a society where anything goes. We tend to live in the now with the attitude that I deserve anything that I want. That kind of thinking brings with it many aftershocks. While
millions of babies are conceived annually that are unplanned and unwanted, the overwhelming solution is abortion. Why destroy an innocent life when there is a far better way to end this tragedy.
Abstinence has always been the best way and the right way. So, what is abstinence? Simply put, it is to abstain from sexual relations before marriage. The question that most will ask is “why should I?” First, and foremost, because God said so. When God created man and woman, He placed within them a desire for one another. A means by which each my express love for the other. As a result of this coming together, a child can be conceived. This was also the way that God wanted them to fulfill His command to replenish the earth. It seems only fitting that this first act of intimacy was pure and holy before God because sin had not yet entered the world. Here is a major difference – God had taken a rib from Adam and created Eve, then brought them together to become husband and wife. There was no delay and no courtship. Today, it typically begins
when a man sees a beautiful woman and desires her. We see many instances of this same thing in the Old Testament – Sampson saw a beautiful woman and asked his parents to get her for him.
Now, in the courtship process, the man and woman begin to get to know one another. They begin to understand the likes and dislikes, the moods and feelings, the way they really are. As time passes and they become more and more familiar with each other, the desire grows stronger. Typically, the man is the aggressor as he pursues his mate. Notice what was just mentioned. As time passes, they grow more “in love” with one another. There comes a day, when a decision must be made – do we have sex or do we wait? All decisions are made based upon the information at hand. At this point, the information is that if I do this it will satisfy a physical urge
that I have. Everyone does it, and other excuses that would justify their pleasure, simply add to the confusion. To follow this logic and decide to satisfy that lustful desire will taint the moment with nothing more that a self satisfaction. But, there is also the information that God says that sex before marriage is adultery and is sin.
There is another alternative. Continue in the abstinence, continue to learn more and more about that special person that God has brought into your life. Love is of God and the person that
He has selected for you can be a person that will love you for who you are forever. The more that you get to know them, the more that you learn to love them. And then, on that special night after
God has brought you together, that moment will be as special as it was for Adam and Eve. True loving intimacy has by nature a desire to express love to another as opposed to satisfying one’s own personal lusts and desires. Another point to consider is that a child conceived in love will more likely be loved, while a child conceived in sin will likely suffer the consequences of sin.

Having said all of this, it is obvious that Abstinence will make the heart grow fonder.