An Unusual Blessing.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the blessings of God come in some unusual ways. I got a message from one of our Missionaries today as they celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Church they started when they first went onto the field. It was a great day with one person being saved.

Now, let me share a blessing with you that most people would just pass over. As is the case with most Churches, the Pastor can “take roll” by looking out into the congregation and see who is “not in their spot”. You know what I mean. We tend to sit in the same spot every time we come to Church. I don’t say that as a bad thing, just a real thing. Well, here is the blessing. some of our folks have had to find a new place to sit because someone new has come in and taken up residence in their pew. Praise God!. So far, no one has been asked to move, 😁 and there is still room for all, but we can see that God is beginning to do a work, and for that we are grateful.