Easter 2022

Tomorrow is Easter 2022. A day that we have set aside to remember all that Jesus Christ did for all of humanity. Some would say that Sunday is actually Resurrection day, but without the Crucifixion there would be no Resurrection. For way too many people Easter will be the one day that they will go to Church. Personally, I am glad that they come. It reminds them that there truly God is real and if they attend the right Church they can hear just how much God loves them and what the Crucifixion and Resurrection means to them. It provides a means by which they can have their sins forgiven and be assured of a home in Heaven some day.

Having said that, I want to invite you to Wilson Ave Baptist Church here in Aurora, MO. A place where we will celebrate God’s sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary and Jesus’ glorious victory over sin, death and the grave. If there are questions in your mind about your eternal destiny, I can promise you that you can get that settled, without question.

Come and join us at 11 AM. We look forward to seeing you.

Lord, I Am Running Short of…..

Everybody needs something. A very simple statement, but so true. Now, this is not always the case, but when it is, we want to know how we can fulfill that need. As always, God’s Word has the answer. There are 2 primary solutions to the problem – asking and doing. James tell us in ch 4:2 that “you have not because you ask not”. There are times when we ask and God simply provides for us, then there are times when God gives us instructions as to how we are to get what we need. One way to “get” is to “give”. Luke 6:38 says that if we give it shall be given unto us. Gal 6:7 tells us that whatever we sow is what we shall reap. II Cor 9:6 reminds us that if we sow sparingly we will reap sparingly and if we sow bountifully we will reap bountifully. I know that these passages refer to different items and areas, but the principle is the same for whatever we need.

If a man wants to reap a lot of corn, he doesn’t go to his field with a handful of potatoes. He also doesn’t look at his handful of corn and say “that isn’t enough to produce a crop, so I will just eat if myself”.

If you have a need, give God what you have and watch Him produce a bumper crop for you. If you need money, increase you tithe so God can give you more in return. If you need time, increase you time with Him in prayer, in Bible reading, in Church attendance. If you wish you could serve God better but feel you have not talent, use what you have and watch God bless that for His Glory.

Don’t be satisfied and don’t hold back on God expecting Him to be pleased. In Mal 3:10 God extends a challenge saying to prove Him and see if He will not open the windows of Heaven and pour out a blessing.

We all have needs and we all have a source to supply those needs.

Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.

I was asked to share something on this topic some time ago and thought it was just as fitting today.

Abstinence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder.

Today, we have a society where anything goes. We tend to live in the now with the attitude that I deserve anything that I want. That kind of thinking brings with it many aftershocks. While
millions of babies are conceived annually that are unplanned and unwanted, the overwhelming solution is abortion. Why destroy an innocent life when there is a far better way to end this tragedy.
Abstinence has always been the best way and the right way. So, what is abstinence? Simply put, it is to abstain from sexual relations before marriage. The question that most will ask is “why should I?” First, and foremost, because God said so. When God created man and woman, He placed within them a desire for one another. A means by which each my express love for the other. As a result of this coming together, a child can be conceived. This was also the way that God wanted them to fulfill His command to replenish the earth. It seems only fitting that this first act of intimacy was pure and holy before God because sin had not yet entered the world. Here is a major difference – God had taken a rib from Adam and created Eve, then brought them together to become husband and wife. There was no delay and no courtship. Today, it typically begins
when a man sees a beautiful woman and desires her. We see many instances of this same thing in the Old Testament – Sampson saw a beautiful woman and asked his parents to get her for him.
Now, in the courtship process, the man and woman begin to get to know one another. They begin to understand the likes and dislikes, the moods and feelings, the way they really are. As time passes and they become more and more familiar with each other, the desire grows stronger. Typically, the man is the aggressor as he pursues his mate. Notice what was just mentioned. As time passes, they grow more “in love” with one another. There comes a day, when a decision must be made – do we have sex or do we wait? All decisions are made based upon the information at hand. At this point, the information is that if I do this it will satisfy a physical urge
that I have. Everyone does it, and other excuses that would justify their pleasure, simply add to the confusion. To follow this logic and decide to satisfy that lustful desire will taint the moment with nothing more that a self satisfaction. But, there is also the information that God says that sex before marriage is adultery and is sin.
There is another alternative. Continue in the abstinence, continue to learn more and more about that special person that God has brought into your life. Love is of God and the person that
He has selected for you can be a person that will love you for who you are forever. The more that you get to know them, the more that you learn to love them. And then, on that special night after
God has brought you together, that moment will be as special as it was for Adam and Eve. True loving intimacy has by nature a desire to express love to another as opposed to satisfying one’s own personal lusts and desires. Another point to consider is that a child conceived in love will more likely be loved, while a child conceived in sin will likely suffer the consequences of sin.

Having said all of this, it is obvious that Abstinence will make the heart grow fonder.

God Can – God Will

Today, Anita and I had our regular Tues morning time with the folks at Hudson House. Hudson House is a wonderful facility for
senior living for those who need some assistance. We had about 12 ladies and one gentleman. It is always a great time of singing and sharing God’s Word.

Today, I shared some thoughts with them about how God used the widow of Zarephath to provide for Elijah at a time when God was judging Israel for their idolatry. This poor widow had nothing to provide for her son and herself. She was gathering a couple of sticks to make a fire so that she could make a biscuit for them to eat and die!. Because she was willing to trust the words of Elijah and provide for him first, God provided for them all until God brought the rains again.

As I was thinking back on this passage, this thought came to mind.

We don’t have to know how God will provide, we just need to know that He will.

Whatever your need, God can and will provide, in His time and in His way.

Family Film Fest

Well, you’ve heard the old saying “blowing up a storm”. That seems to be happening as the winds pick up and Weds. night the temps begin to fall. Forecast for Thurs – snow. But, the sun will come out and the temperature will rise making for a beautiful Saturday.
So, we want to invite you to come to Family Film Fest at Wilson Ave Baptist Church this Sat – 2/19 at 6 PM. We will be viewing a wonderful Christian film with a great story line that is both entertaining and inspiring. Bring snack if you like for yourself and/or to share. We will take a few minutes to discuss the movie afterwards.

It’s My Choice

I didn’t want to share this on Jan 1 as a New Year’s resolution post, but I did want to share it early enough to get started making a change in the new year. First, let me say tat NONE of are are what we should be for Christ. We still have that old sin nature and it wins the battle far too often. But, we also have that new Divine nature that Peter tells us about (II Peter 1:3-4) which means that our decisions can go either way – it is our choice.
So, I want to challenge all of us to look back at our choices and see if we can’t do better in 2022. Remember, God knows the difference between can’t and won’t.
Can I Choose to
1. Begin each day in prayer
2. Spend time reading God’s Word every day
3. Recognize God’s presence in my day
4. Thank God for His blessings on me
5. Be in Church more than 1 hour a week
6. Be aware that people who know me are watching me
7. Change my “have to” to a “want to”
Just imagine how much better life will be when we make the right choices. I guarantee you that ALL OF US can make some adjustments for the coming year. Pray for me as I pray for you.

A New Year begins

2022 has arrived. As you look back over the last couple of years, what do you see? Some would say “nothing”, because they don’t want to see, they are just glad it is over. It would be easy for us to lay the blame on others for the things we didn’t like about the past. But, reality is that we made our decision and had to live with them.

So, what decisions did you make that you would do differently having seen the results. There will be many resolutions made today that will be broken by tomorrow. If one of your determinations is to get back into Church in 2022, then I want to personally invite you to join us at Wilson Ave Baptist Church. We can help you grow spiritually and you can help us grow physically. God wants you saved and serving. Praying that we all have a wonderful blessed Ney Year. Hope to see you soon.

Happy New Year

Wilson Ave Baptist Church, family and friends. First, I want to wish each of you a Happy New Year. 2022 is here and 2021 is heading out. As the new year arrives it brings with it some not so pleasant weather. Please be careful and keep tabs on one another.

Those of you who were at Church Weds night or were able to listen on the web remember that we shared a message about he fact that the End Is Near as we considered how God told us in Rev 22 “I come quickly”. It may be by death or it may be at the Rapture. But, death comes when we least expect it. Having said that, I have some sad news to share as we found out today that our Missionary, Bro Bobby Harjo, passed away last month. He had been in the hospital and we had be praying for him for a few months. He is no longer ill. He is rejoicing. With that we glory in the Lord, but we need to continue to pray for Mrs Harjo during these days of transition. She needs our support even more now.

We are looking forward to a great state beginning of 2022 on Sunday. Make plans to start the new year off right. Pray for those who may be more effected by the icy roads. Have a great day tomorrow and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Bro Jim and Anita.

Looking Back and Looking Forward

It is hard to believe that 2021 is coming to a close. After everything that happened in 2020, we were all looking forward to a sense of calm as the new year rang in, but not so much. Things have certainly been different this year – different from one day to the next. But, by the Grace of God, we have survived.

Anita and I began the year with a move to Aurora, MO as I became the Pastor of Wilson Ave Baptist Church. When the bells chime to end this year, we will conclude our 42nd year in ministry. Hard to believe. We have been in several locations and several Church during that time and each has been just a little different from the rest. So, it is here at Wilson Ave Baptist. But, there has been on constant through it all – to the best of our ability, we have followed God’s call and leadership. We scan the auditorium and see a congregation that is not the same as where we have been in past years. We also see a congregation looking at the pulpit and seeing a Pastor that is, no doubt, different than what they have had in the past. How can I say that with such confidence? Because we are all different – even different today that when we came together for the first time a year ago. And that is ok, because there has been one constant through it all. We have all had a desire to serve our Lord and Savior and that is what life is all about. My prayer is that we have been a blessing and that each of us has grown in our walk with Christ. And as the new years rolls around that we have a greater desire to be closer to one another as we are closer to God.

During 2021, we have experienced many joys and many sorrow. We have seen people come to know Christ as their personal Savior. We have also had to say goodby to some as they passed from this world to be with Jesus. Such is life. It has a beginning and it has an end here on earth. We look at the calendar and see there are only 3 days left of this year – but some will not see those three days. Some will pass on into eternity while others will face the challenges of 2022.

Again, there is one constant – we all need God!

Join Us This Sunday

Christmas is a season for giving and sharing. We are inspired by the greatest Giver – God the Father – giving the greates Gift – His only begotten Son. It was an act of compassion on His part and should be an act of commitment on our part. The focus is not on receiving, though that is what the world wants us to see, it is on the sharing with others what God has done for us and His blessings on us.

Having said that I want to invite you to join us at Wilson Ave Baptist Church this Sunday. We want to share God’s blessings and show you how to receive this wonderful marvelous gift from God. Sunday School begins at 10 AM as we consider “who is the you in Luke 2:11”. Our morning worship service is at 11 AM as we consider the events of Christmas day then and how it should be today.

But, that isn’t all, as we gather together for Christmas dinner following the morning service and we want you to join us. Then later in the day, at 6 PM, we will have our kids Christmas program. It will be a fun time and we would love for you to be a part of that as well.

We hope you will join us for a wonderful day and pray you have a very Merry Christmas.