A Special Evening

Here is your special invitation to join us Sunday evening for a time of singing and testimonies during our evening service and then a cooling time with our Ice Cream Freeze-Off.

We will enjoy some special music from those who don’t usually sing during the services and hear some encouraging testimonies of God working in our lives. It will be a blessing, so come prepared to share.

Then, we will move to the fellowship hall to partake of some cold refreshing ice cream. As we close out the Summer months the temperature is still rising, so this will help to cool things off. Plus, we will have a special prize for the best tasting “home made” ice cream as well as one for the most unusual ingredient. Some are not ice cream makers but can add to the enjoyment with some cookies, cakes, etc. Regardless, you don’t want to miss this great time starting at 6 PM Aug 29th. Hope to see you here.

3 Stages of a Christian

As a Christian, we still are in a fleshly body that has a sin nature, and far too often yields to that fleshly desire. Tonight, we will doing a study in I Corinthians 2-3 on the 3 different stages of man and where we should be.

Man is born in a natural state and cannot understand spiritual things. When a person is “born again” they receive the Holy Spirit indwelling that allows them to begin to understand God – Who He is and what He wants of us. At that point we are babes in Christ, growing in Grace, being nurtured by the Holy Spirit. The ultimate goal is that we become mature spiritual children of God that we can sense His presence in our lives and follow His leadership.

I want to invite you to join us at Wilson Ave Baptist Church tonight at 7 PM as we look more deeply into this topic. If you are unable to be with us, check out our web site, wabcaurora.com, to hear our study.

God’s Doing

Have you ever noticed how God does thing His way because His way is always the best way. The includes our prayer requests. Sometimes our prayer may have a request that involves a couple of different areas and God answers them both, but not like we ask. Let me explain.

God has blessed us with the opportunity to meet a number of different people since we have been here in Aurora, MO. Most of which we have invited to come to Church and many to come to Jesus. We have continue to pray for these, but honestly to little avail. But, then, in walks someone that we are meeting for the first time. Someone that we have not yet had the chance to meet and invite, but God answers our prayer in a different way. Now, our prayer is that God will allow us to be a blessing to them and help them find God’s will for their lives. Please pray with us as we minister to those whom God brings our way.

But It’s Wednesday

Why is it so important to come back to Church on Weds. night? A question asked by many Church members these days. I am going to be honest with you when I say it doesn’t bother me “as much” when they posed this question. As much as what? As much as the Church member who doesn’t ask the question.

Hopefully, when someone questions a mid-week service, at least it is a point of consideration. Herein lies the problem – for most, if not all, who do not come to prayer and Bible study, the possibility never enters their mind. The same goes for those who do not come to Sunday School or the evening service.

So, why should we come to these services? If, for no other reason, because God’s Word tells us to. Heb 10:25. There are other reasons listed in the verses here as well. V 23 says that we should “hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering”. It shows a consistency in the obedience to God’s Word. V 24 that we do so in consideration of other believes to encourage them in their love and good works. V 25 continues that thought and reminds us that “the day is approaching”. It could be the day of return or it could be the day of our departure.

The point is that we need one another. Coming to Church in the middle of the week reminds us that we have a family that is praying for us as we face the world around us. It is a time to learn more about our Lord and Savior and His Word. It is a time to claim the promise that if any two agree whatsoever we ask we shall receive. Obviously, there is much more that can be said, but I hope you get the point. I know that some people can’t come and our prayers are with you.

Looking forward to seeing you later today. That will make it a great day for you and for us.

An Unusual Blessing.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the blessings of God come in some unusual ways. I got a message from one of our Missionaries today as they celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Church they started when they first went onto the field. It was a great day with one person being saved.

Now, let me share a blessing with you that most people would just pass over. As is the case with most Churches, the Pastor can “take roll” by looking out into the congregation and see who is “not in their spot”. You know what I mean. We tend to sit in the same spot every time we come to Church. I don’t say that as a bad thing, just a real thing. Well, here is the blessing. some of our folks have had to find a new place to sit because someone new has come in and taken up residence in their pew. Praise God!. So far, no one has been asked to move, 😁 and there is still room for all, but we can see that God is beginning to do a work, and for that we are grateful.

Freedom Is A Choice

I am so blessed to be an American and to be able to Pastor Wilson Ave Baptist Church in Aurora, MO. Last Sunday was Independence Day, and as many other Pastors, I preached on “Freedom”. And, like many other Preachers, I forgot a couple of very important points at the end.

The emphasis at the end was that Freedom is a choice. Regardless of what is happening, we chose to be a slave to our situation or be free to trust that God is still in control and will see us through it. We can worry or we can wait upon God. We are free to choose to be saved or to go to hell. Our choice, no one makes you do it.

As an illustration, I read an interesting article several years ago about a man who was on death row. He had committed the crimes and resigned himself to the punishment that awaited him. Just before his appointment with death, the Governor gave him a pardon. The necessary paperwork was delivered and he read it over with great care. Then, he took the paper and handed it back, refusing to accept his freedom. Now the question became, what do we do? It was actually taken to the Supreme Court and the verdict was rendered – a pardon is not valid if it is not accepted. He died!

Jesus paid the sin debt for the entire world. He offered each one a pardon. Hell is filled with those who chose to die in and for their sin.


Freedom Isn’t Free

We have heard for years that “freedom isn’t free”. Without getting to the real cost of our Freedom, I just want to say that within the concept of freedom there are 2 underlying principals, The first is the extent of freedom and the other is the exercise of freedom.

Some would say that because I am free, I can do what ever I want to. Your freedom to drive down the street has a speed limit to it. Your freedom has guidelines and restrictions. You are free to swing your arms around, but your freedom to swing your arms ends where my nose begins.

Even in the Christian life, people misunderstand the freedom that we have. I have had many people say that since I believe in eternal security that I can live just any way and want to. They are surprised when I agree with them, but with this stipulation – when I got saved I got may “want to” fixed. I don’t want to do the things I did before.

The reason that I can live as I choose is because I know that the extent of my freedom is there to protect me and not to restrict me. Thousands upon thousands of men and women gave their lives so I can enjoy this freedom. It is up to me to pay it forward as they did so that the next generations can be free as well. We must fight to preserve our God given rights provided for us in our Constitution.

Praying that you have a wonderful and blessed Independence Day tomorrow. I also want to invite you to join us at Wilson Ave Baptist Church as we “freely” worship God according to His Word.

People You Meet

On Thursday, Anita and I decided to take in Silver Dollar City in Branson. It was a beautiful day, though hot, and we had a great time climbing the hills. If you haven’t been there, no matter which direction you go, it is uphill. As we were walking around and seeing the thousands of people from who knows where, Anita made the commit that even with all these people, we will probably see someone we know. Sure we will!

Well, it was time for a quick bite to eat so we found what looked good and shared a nice lunch. As we looked high and low for a place to sit. we found a couple of chairs at a long table. We were enjoying our lunch when Anita said “isn’t that ….?” and it was. Sure enough, with all of the places to eat and all of the places to sit, we happened to be in the same area. Yes, it was some friends from our days at Elm Grove Baptist Church up near KC, MO. After a few minutes of catching up, we went our separate ways with the intention of seeing each other again in the days ahead. While we were sitting there eating another couple asked if they could use the chairs across from us and we began to have a good time getting to know them as well. In the process, we learned that they were saved as well. God is so good, even in the simple things of bringing old friends together and making new one.

Don’t miss seeing God work in your life. He has some pleasant surprises for you.

Living Differently In A Different World

Once we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior, things are suppose to change. Paul to the Church in Corinth, who was very worldly, that “if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature…”. We are suppose to be different so the world can see that what we have is far better that what the world has to offer.

I say that to introduce you to our new study in Sunday School. Tomorrow we begin hearing what James says about living the Christian life. The book of James has often been called The Handbook of Christian Living. He deals with several issues in a general way that allow us to delve deeper into some specifics. I want to encourage you to join us at 10 AM to see how you can live life to the fullest. If you are not close by, check it out on our website in the days ahead.