Yes, we can see God.

God reveals Himself in many ways. No, we cannot see the person of God, but we can see the presence of God. Many of the Psalms tell us how God’s creation share His glory and grandeur. Last night we got a look of His power grace and mercy as storms moved through our area in force.

Beginning early in the evening it rained and rained actually causing flooding issues around Aurora and he surrounding areas. We haven’t heard yet about the damages. We got a glimpse of His mighty power on display as lightening flashed and the thunder rolled. But, we also saw His grace and mercy as just a few miles down the road local teams were enjoying an evening of High School baseball playoffs.

In either place there were some who have been saved by God’s Grace and are on their way to Heaven and there were many who have rejected that call and are headed for a devil’s hell. Each were able to experience God’s wrath – even if they weren’t here – and experience God’s grace and mercy. God constantly reveals Himself to us, but how will we respond?

What Is Your Worst Sin?

The fact that we are all sinners in undeniable. If you don’t think you are, just ask someone who will be truthful with you – or even someone who won’t. But, to justify ourselves, we tend to put degrees on sins – you sin is far worse than mine.

Now, here is my quest for you. What is the worst sin that we commit? Did you notice I said “we”. None of us can escape this question and most would come up with some common answer, but would probably be incorrect. So, I want to invite you to join us at Wilson Ave Baptist Church tomorrow morning to see what the Bible says is the very worse sin that you can commit. To further intrigue you, let me say that it is not mans sins that that send him to hell.

No hints, you will need to join us tomorrow or long onto our web site later in the day. Hope to see you soon.

Was Thomas really a doubter?

Have you ever been misread by someone who thought they had you pegged? Well, such is the case with a man in the Bible that we call “doubting Thomas”. Was he really a doubter? Come on out to Wilson Ave Baptist Church this Sunday morning for SS at 10 AM. We will take a look at some things that just may change your mind.

For the last few months we have been looking at different people in the Bible and seeing just how much we have in common with generations that lived long, long ago. We are all made by the same God, who made us at His time and for His purpose, so we know there must be some common ground. We invite you to join us in person or at our web site to check out these wonderful people. Hope to see you soon.

Becoming One

When a couple get married, the Word of God tells us that they become one. How exciting! Each complements the other and each completes the other. But, they are in fact still separate individuals. Each must make the decision to follow God’s direction and leadership in their own lives.

In so doing, each will be blessed by God for their obedience and since they now have another, they too reap the rewards of that blessing. Isn’t that great? But, on the other hand, if one does not obey God and follow His leading, then often times they are chastened by God and their spouse must also feel the repercussions of that chastening.

Just a simple reminder that we are not in this alone.

A Lesson On Prayer

While Jesus walked on the earth with man, people were able to actually talk with Him face to face. In I John 1, John said it something like this – that which we have seen and heard and touched. They had personal contact with the very Son of God. Today, we also can speak to God in prayer. He hears just as clearly and personally as if we are in His presence. Oh, but with omnipresent God, we are in His presence. What a forgotten and unused privilege we have.
While here on earth, the Son spent many hours talking with the Father. This was a teaching session for the Apostles as they saw Him go into solitude to pray. Maybe, that was why they asked Jesus to teach them to pray. Luke records that class on prayer in chapter 11. But, notice that they did not ask to learn how to pray. They wanted to know how to make it a priority in their lives. Teach us to do what we know we ought to do.
As Jesus began His public ministry, He shared with the multitude on the sermon on the mount the way to pray. Tonight, at Wilson Ave Baptist Church we will be looking closely at that lesson on Pray. I want to invite you to come and join us at 7 PM. In these troublesome last days, we need to know how to get in touch with the Throne of God. Hope to see you tonight.

Trials, Tests, and Temptations

A fact that we learn quickly is that when we get saved, life doesn’t immediately become a bed of roses. From that moment on, we no longer have to concern ourselves with what happens when we die, but, reality is that we are still alive and things don’t always go as we plan nor as we would like for them to. It is easy for us to see that wonderful things happen to us and for us because our Heavenly Father loves us deeply. Then there are days that it seems nothing goes right. That is when we understand that bad things happen to good people. The question is are they really bad?

Tonight, at Wilson Ave Baptist Church, we will do a brief study on the differences between Tests, Trials, and Temptations. They have some similarities, but they are distinctly different. God allows and uses each of these to strengthen us and make us more like Him.
God never tempts us, but He does bring about trials in our lives to test us. Mark it down, when He does, Satan is right there ready to tempt us. If you are close by, come on in and join us as we consider these events and how God can be glorified through them all. If you can’t be here, then check out our web site tomorrow .

Copied – Great Advice

I just watched a news commentator shove a microphone in the face of a school principal and ask, “What are we missing? What do children need?” He went on and on about mental illness, the Juvenile Justice System, gun control, education reform, blah, blah, blah.
Folks, none of that mumbo jumbo makes a lick of sense. Here is what children need:
1. Children need a mother and a father who respect each other and work together as a team.
2. Children need a bicycle, neighbors, and cousins.
3. Children need a grandma to bake with and a grandpa to take em fishing.
4. Children need a church, a Sunday School Class, and a truth telling Pastor.
5. Children need a dinner time with home cooked food, prayer, and conversation.
6. Children need Sunday afternoon football and fried chicken.
7. Children need books and coloring pages.
8. Children need summers at the beach and bazooka bubble gum.
9. Children need hotdogs and Fourth of July Fireworks.
10. Children need fire pits, smores, ghost stories, the drive in, and real popcorn.
11. Children need discipline from their parents.
12. Children need chores, a job, a way to earn what they want.
13. Children need education that recognizes mama and daddy as the authority, God as the creator, and the Bible as the roadmap.
This is not about some agenda, this is about our children. Get back to basics: faith, family, & good ole fashioned fun.