Bob Hoffman – A Cyberspace Missionary.

We were blessed to have Bro Bob Hoffman and his wife with us at Wilson Ave Baptist this past Sunday. Bro Bob is a missionary to cyberspace. I know that sounds unusual, but he works with many Churches to better reach the internet with the Gospel When we arrived here in January, we didn’t have much of a presence on the web. A friend introduced me to Bro Hoffman and he has blessed us with a simple to use and very effective website. It is He has spent hours working with us to maintain the site and help us get our messages out around the world with audio and written. We actually began reaching out the first of Feb and as of today, 10-21-21, we have had 807 downloads of our messages and lessons with 829 hits to our site. We have had hits from 14 total countries. It is amazing what even small Churches like ours can do to share the Truth of God’s Word in todays technology. God has been good to allow us to be a part of this new way of reaching the uttermost parts of the world. Please continue to pray for Bro Bob Hoffman and his ministry and if you know of a Church that needs assistance with their website, you can go to Thank you Bro Bob for a wonderful weekend.