But It’s Wednesday

Why is it so important to come back to Church on Weds. night? A question asked by many Church members these days. I am going to be honest with you when I say it doesn’t bother me “as much” when they posed this question. As much as what? As much as the Church member who doesn’t ask the question.

Hopefully, when someone questions a mid-week service, at least it is a point of consideration. Herein lies the problem – for most, if not all, who do not come to prayer and Bible study, the possibility never enters their mind. The same goes for those who do not come to Sunday School or the evening service.

So, why should we come to these services? If, for no other reason, because God’s Word tells us to. Heb 10:25. There are other reasons listed in the verses here as well. V 23 says that we should “hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering”. It shows a consistency in the obedience to God’s Word. V 24 that we do so in consideration of other believes to encourage them in their love and good works. V 25 continues that thought and reminds us that “the day is approaching”. It could be the day of return or it could be the day of our departure.

The point is that we need one another. Coming to Church in the middle of the week reminds us that we have a family that is praying for us as we face the world around us. It is a time to learn more about our Lord and Savior and His Word. It is a time to claim the promise that if any two agree whatsoever we ask we shall receive. Obviously, there is much more that can be said, but I hope you get the point. I know that some people can’t come and our prayers are with you.

Looking forward to seeing you later today. That will make it a great day for you and for us.