Don’t Block A Blessing

Yesterday Anita and I were checking out at Walmart and there was a lady in front of us that was riding in her electric scooter type chair. She had just enough room to put her bags between her feet to carry to the car and she had another bag in her lap. I asked if I could carry these to the car for her, but she was very adament that she could do it and didn’t need any help. The cashier mentioned that she is very independent. I can certainly appreciate someone who can and wants to do things on her own. But the thought came to me that “just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should”. The idea that she was incapable of doing this on her own was never an issue to me. Just watching her told me she could do it. I just wanted to be a help and a blessing to her. I don’t know what her mindset may have been when I asked her.

Here is my point in this. If we seem loaded down and someone wants to help, don’t take away their blessing. It could be an opportunity to meet a new friend, or to share how Jesus met your greatest need when it was impossible to do it yourself. And on the other side, don’t be discouraged if someone turns down your offer for help. Just keep on serving as best you can.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.