Easter 2022

Tomorrow is Easter 2022. A day that we have set aside to remember all that Jesus Christ did for all of humanity. Some would say that Sunday is actually Resurrection day, but without the Crucifixion there would be no Resurrection. For way too many people Easter will be the one day that they will go to Church. Personally, I am glad that they come. It reminds them that there truly God is real and if they attend the right Church they can hear just how much God loves them and what the Crucifixion and Resurrection means to them. It provides a means by which they can have their sins forgiven and be assured of a home in Heaven some day.

Having said that, I want to invite you to Wilson Ave Baptist Church here in Aurora, MO. A place where we will celebrate God’s sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary and Jesus’ glorious victory over sin, death and the grave. If there are questions in your mind about your eternal destiny, I can promise you that you can get that settled, without question.

Come and join us at 11 AM. We look forward to seeing you.