Freedom Isn’t Free

We have heard for years that “freedom isn’t free”. Without getting to the real cost of our Freedom, I just want to say that within the concept of freedom there are 2 underlying principals, The first is the extent of freedom and the other is the exercise of freedom.

Some would say that because I am free, I can do what ever I want to. Your freedom to drive down the street has a speed limit to it. Your freedom has guidelines and restrictions. You are free to swing your arms around, but your freedom to swing your arms ends where my nose begins.

Even in the Christian life, people misunderstand the freedom that we have. I have had many people say that since I believe in eternal security that I can live just any way and want to. They are surprised when I agree with them, but with this stipulation – when I got saved I got may “want to” fixed. I don’t want to do the things I did before.

The reason that I can live as I choose is because I know that the extent of my freedom is there to protect me and not to restrict me. Thousands upon thousands of men and women gave their lives so I can enjoy this freedom. It is up to me to pay it forward as they did so that the next generations can be free as well. We must fight to preserve our God given rights provided for us in our Constitution.

Praying that you have a wonderful and blessed Independence Day tomorrow. I also want to invite you to join us at Wilson Ave Baptist Church as we “freely” worship God according to His Word.