Labor Day

Tomorrow we celebrate Labor Day. A day that was set aside to recognize those who have worked hard to make our country prosperous and growing. How do we define “labor”? What is stressful work for some is very enjoyable to others. My dad worked with Oklahoma Natural Gas Co. for many years before he went to Heaven. We also lived on a farm where he spent most of his weekends taking care of what needed to be done. It was not uncommon for dad to spend his Sunday afternoons on the tractor plowing or mowing or any number of things. One day the Pastor asked dad why he worked on Sunday and didn’t he think this was a bad testimony? Dad’s reply was that he worked mon – fri but when he was seated on that tractor it was his time with God – watching the the fresh earth turn over by the plow or seeing the crops come in. You see, we never missed going to Church where he served God leading the music for many years. That was his true labor of love.

So, as you celebrate Labor Day think about that which brings you sweat and toil and that which brings you a sense of peace and contentment. Ask yourself this question, “are you serving man or God”? Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount that we should seek Him first (priority) and all these other things will be added. Matt 6:33 Hope you have a great time with family and friends.