Let Us Know

Last Weds night, as we were leaving our mid-week service, I was asked by one of our ladies to pray for someone having surgery soon. Without going into detail, let me just say that I was very appreciative to hear ahead of time so that we could be in prayer. That gave me the opportunity to contact the family to let them know we would be praying. I will be so glad when are able to be there with them before and during the procedure.

The reason I bring this up is that too often we find out after the fact that someone has been sick, in the hospital or had surgery. In over 40 yrs of ministry, this has been an issue more times than I can count. I don’t say this to be chiding anyone, but to inform everyone. As a Pastor, I want to know when our sheep are sick. I want to know how we can help. And, by the way, this applies to the spiritual as well. Sometimes sheep will wander off into the rocks and hillside that look appealing but they find no food and become weakened. Sometimes people have issues with the Church, the Pastor, the people or even the programs, but they say nothing and it continues to fester.

We need to know! Please help us be a blessing to you. You are never, never a bother. We, as Pastors, can only help when we know there is a problem. Keep us informed. By the way, if you noticed, I share this because of a “positive” response, not a negative. Thanks again for sharing the need. Our prayers are with you.