Memorial Day

This is Memorial Day week-end. Just to say that seems a little confusing. So it is with the holiday itself. For far too many, it is just a time to get together with friends and family for a cook-out or a trip to the lake. There are some who are at least heading in the right direction as they remember those who served our country in the various branches of the service. But, this Holiday is for paying honor to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice as they died protecting the freedoms that we enjoy each day.

There are a couple of statements that really sum up our gratitude and remembrance of the fallen.
“All gave some, some gave all”
“We do not know them all, but we owe them all”.

We would not be able to get together with our family and friends if it were not for those who served. As you gather for a wonderful time, please take a moment and acknowledge those who have gone on before that we may live in freedom today.

I want to invite you to join us at Wilson Ave Baptist Church tomorrow as we pay tribute to those who died that we may live.