Pastor Appreciation – from the other side.

Last month, Oct, was Pastor Appreciation month and I wanted to share something from the other side of the coin, so to speak. Too often the appreciation comes from the pew with very little mentioned from the Pulpit. I want to express how much I appreciate the opportunity to be the Pastor of Wilson Ave Baptist Church in Aurora, Mo. God has used Anita and me to we have served in many facets and in many areas. Each one has had it’s own unique aspects to it. We have yet to Pastor or serve in a perfect Church, because our presence there prevents that from happening.

As we prepared to come here last January, I mentioned to our folks that when God brings a new Pastor there was going to be change, because the man coming in would be different. Just how different, they had no idea. So, I want to say, from the two of us, that we appreciate you all so much for welcoming us into the fold and making us feel at home. Our prayer is that we can grow “together” as we “grow” together – closer to one another as we get closer to God.