Technology Today

I have grown up (better than advanced in years) during the great advancement in technology. I can remember when the first “mega-computor” came out. It took up rooms and rooms to operate in and the temperature and environment had to be kept just right. It was called the beast. Now, we have computers that farrrrr excede that beast and we carry them around in our pockets and call people on them from around the world. All I can say is WOW!!!

But here is something else I have learned over the years. This surger in terrabytes, megabytes and whatever else wants to byte us, has left us more ignorant that we were before. Young people today communicate with emogies rather than words. Most can’t read the hands on a clock because all they have to do is ask their phone who speaks it back to them. Today, we can ask our computers or tablets or phones about any subject and almost immediately get an answer. Yet, we have dumbed down our educationsal system so that some can make it through school.

We now have a generation of people who do not know how to think for themselves. They take the word of someone that they know nothing about. And it carries over into the Church as well. I would say that there are fewer Churches out there that actually preach the Gospel and tell people that they are lost and on there way to hell, than those remaining. Paul said on 3 different occasions “I would not have you to be ignorant…” and yet ignorant we are. Let me challenge you to take your Bible and spend time with the One Person – God – Who can answer any question and meet any need. You will the wiser for it.