Religious But Lost

As I was sitting here this morning reading some comments on facebook, I began to think about the “religious” background of those talking about being saved. It is a very sad thing that there are so very many denominations out there today. But, the reality is that those denominations do not save a person. But, they can prevent a person from going to Heaven.

I am a Baptist preacher for over 40 yrs and make no bones about it. But, I have said for many many years that I do not preach and teach “Baptist” doctrine. I preach “Bible” doctrine. It just so happens that the two are one and the same. Now, you have a right to disagree with me on that point, but the fact is that there is only 1 way a person can be assured of a home in Heaven and that is to have is sins cleansed by the Blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on Calvary. A person cannot be saved until first they are lost. Too many denominations believe that you can be good enough and God will accept you, or that you have to perform some ritual or continue getting better and better so that you can reach a point of acceptance. I talk with some people and I doubt that they really on the right track. Not because they are a part of a denomination or religious organization, because what these actually teach concerning being saved.

Now, before you begin to judge me as be “holier than thou”, I just want everyone to consider what they are being taught and actually compare it to what God’s Word has to say. I have encouraged people for years to take what any preacher/teacher says and see for yourself if it coincides with what the Bible has to say. We are living in the last days! Jesus could come and any moment! When you get to Church, listen very closely to what you hear. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you into the Truth.