We All Need A Little Help

Many of you are aware that I am an avid, though seldom, golfer. Today, I had the opportunity to play in a tournament – The Pastors Master – with 3 other men that I had never met before. Now, let me preface what I am about to say with I used to be a pretty descent golfer. But, age has crept up on me and the opportunities to play have been scarce, so to make it simple, the game has go to pot. Now, the 3 guys that I played with, not that is a different story. The could boom it out there farther that I could hit it in 2 shots. There was one thing that I did very well, if I do say so myself – I drove the cart.

Now, here is what I am getting to. Though they could make the ball scream in agony and pain, sometimes it didn’t go where they had intended to. And on occasion where it did, they missed the green or didn’t get as close as they would like. So, here comes the old man with a rare chip or putt to save the day. We ended up near the top, just a couple of strokes from winning it all, but we didn’t win. Had I played the round by myself, I would still be out there holding up traffic. But, these 3 new friends saved the day. And, even as good as these guys were, there was that moment when they too needed a little assistance.

Do you get the picture here? No matter how good you are at whatever you are doing, there comes a point when we need someone to step in and lend a hand. And, no matter how bad you may be at any given task, God will put you in a position to lend a helping hand. Hey, it was a wonderful day with 3 new friends.