We Need Prayer

As a teenager growing up and trying to figure out what I was going to do as an adult, the thought of being a Preacher/Pastor never entered my mind. But, God had a plan. Anita and I have been in ministry for over 40 years and we have experienced and learned a lot. As I look back at the beginning, I remember very distinctly a big mistake that I made at our first Church. I had the idea that as the Pastor, I was supposed to always be spiritual and right with God, so I can’t recall ever asking the Church to pray for me. Boy was I wrong! I am very sure that every Pastor will totally agree with me that we need family, friends, and our members to pray earnestly and daily for us.
In talking with many Churches through the years, while helping them seek a Pastor, I have made a point to say that when the new Pastor arrives, if you have and he have earnestly prayed, then he is the answer to your prayer as God’s man of the hour. But, he will be different that the last man. You cannot compare the past with the present.
I think I can speak for most Pastors today, regardless of how long they have been serving, when I say that we will make mistakes and we will offend people, but never on purpose. I hear so often of people leaving a Church because of something that the Pastor said or didn’t say. I have a friend with whom I spoke recently who was upset because there had been contact from the Pastor in the time of need. We are human and we often do things that people don’t understand or agree with. We NEED Prayer.
When you get to the point that you realize just how much your Pastor and his wife love you, you will see that they need you. Pastors, Preachers, Staff members, Missionaries, etc. are not perfect so let me encourage you to lift them up in prayer and if there is a problem, go to them and pray together. In these last days as Satan wants to pull us apart, we need the bond of love, grace and peace.