What Is Freedom?

Freedom isn’t free. We all know that. We enjoy what freedom we have because others served our country and many of them gave their lives. As I look around to day, there are 2 issues that I have with our concept of freedom.

First, we don’t really appreciate it. We tend to take for granted that it will always be there. As a result, we give too much authority to others to maintain our free status. Then, when there is an issue that threatens us, we wait and hope that someone else will take care of it for us. Freedom should cost us. It should cost us time and effort to maintain and preserve what others have given to us. Don’t waste what someone else paid dearly for.

Then, I don’t think that people understand what freedom is. That does not mean that I can do as I please when I please without suffering the consequences of my actions. Let me give you an example. You are free to swing you fist in the air, but that freedom stops where my nose begins. Let me give you a simple statement that I have used for many years to help us understand. “No man is as free as he who can do and will do what he knows to do is right”.

When we truly think of freedom there are 3 areas of concern.
There are rights
There are restrictions
There are responsibilities.

Praying you have a marvelous Memorial Day.