What Is Your Worst Sin?

The fact that we are all sinners in undeniable. If you don’t think you are, just ask someone who will be truthful with you – or even someone who won’t. But, to justify ourselves, we tend to put degrees on sins – you sin is far worse than mine.

Now, here is my quest for you. What is the worst sin that we commit? Did you notice I said “we”. None of us can escape this question and most would come up with some common answer, but would probably be incorrect. So, I want to invite you to join us at Wilson Ave Baptist Church tomorrow morning to see what the Bible says is the very worse sin that you can commit. To further intrigue you, let me say that it is not mans sins that that send him to hell.

No hints, you will need to join us tomorrow or long onto our web site later in the day. Hope to see you soon.