Yes, we can see God.

God reveals Himself in many ways. No, we cannot see the person of God, but we can see the presence of God. Many of the Psalms tell us how God’s creation share His glory and grandeur. Last night we got a look of His power grace and mercy as storms moved through our area in force.

Beginning early in the evening it rained and rained actually causing flooding issues around Aurora and he surrounding areas. We haven’t heard yet about the damages. We got a glimpse of His mighty power on display as lightening flashed and the thunder rolled. But, we also saw His grace and mercy as just a few miles down the road local teams were enjoying an evening of High School baseball playoffs.

In either place there were some who have been saved by God’s Grace and are on their way to Heaven and there were many who have rejected that call and are headed for a devil’s hell. Each were able to experience God’s wrath – even if they weren’t here – and experience God’s grace and mercy. God constantly reveals Himself to us, but how will we respond?